Kayaking i canyoning

If you are looking for a relaxing trip, full of fun and relaxation, kayaking is the perfect choice for you.
Canyoning on Cetina is one of the best and most beautiful adventure that you can take in Croatia and beyond!


Our kayaking tour starts 5 miles upstream from city of Omiš where your kayaks and your guide will be waiting for you. After just a short briefing about kayaking and the river Cetina, your journey begins! As you slowly continue down the river you will find that it is full of mystery and won’t be able to resist taking a dip in its refreshing water.


Canyoning on the river Cetina is one of the best and most beautiful adventure trips you can take in Croatia and beyond! The trip starts with your guide in Omiš with whom you travel to a nearby village Zadvarje. Once there, you’ll be provided with the necessary equipment followed by a short safety briefing. During the trip you can expect nature beyond imagination hidden within the canyon, miraculous rocky landscapes surrounding the canyon making up a depth of up to 150 meters and streams of crystal clear water.

Canyoning includes walking and jumping over rocks shaped by water during a period of millions of years, passing through exciting rapids that will surely wake you up, swimming in perfectly clear natural pools, cliff-jumping into lakes, diving through waterfalls and much, much more.

Hotel Plaža | Kayaking and Canyoning on the Cetina