In the past Omis was a pirate's nest, and the pirates of Omiš among the most dangerous in the entire Mediterranean.

Not many towns in the world count their history in thousands of years, but the town of Omiš is one of them!

The mouth of the Cetina river was first permanently inhabited in ancient times, more than 2000 years ago, and historians believe that the origins of the present-day Omiš are to be found in the small settlement of Oneum, which lay at the very foot  of the impressive mountain guarding the town from the north – Omiška DInara.

Over the centuries the local people started building their houses closer to the sea, and for a very good reason. The inhabitants of medieval Omiš were, as a matter of fact, pirates!

About Omiš

Omis is a small Central Dalmatian town situated on the river Cetina. The city has a rich and glorious history and is the center of beautiful Omiš Riviera.

Active holiday in Omiš

Omis has become in the recent years most desirable Dalmatian and Croatian destination for those who prefer active holidays.

Omiš history

Numerous churches, fortresses and other monuments are silent stone reminders of the glorious and turbulent past of the city Omis. Pirates have for centuries ruled the Adriatic.

Events in Omis

One of the most important reasons for this is by all means the famous Festival of the Dalmatian klapa, that during warm summer nights fills the square.

Natural sights

Omis is best known for the river Cetina and Omis Riviera for its beautiful beaches and mountains that descend down to the sea.


Try traditional dishes that have left many speechless, fresh ingredients, good cooking traditions, diversity ... what more could you want.

Numerous beaches and bays, rich vegetation, fresh air and crystal blue sea make Omis Riviera the perfect place to ecsape the stress and rush of modern life. The beautiful Cetina River and it’s canyon, nearby mountain topsand islands, ancient vineyards and olive plantations together form the landscape of extraordinary beauty. For those that prefer active holidays, Omis Riviera is a perfect destination. Rafting on Cetina River, free-climbing, scuba diving, trekking and windsurfing are just some of the activities that Omis Riviera has to offer.

Due to it’s location in the heart of the Dalmatia, Omis is the perfect place to start the exploration of Dalmatia, it’s islands, it’s proud history, cultural heritage and natural beauties. Ancient Roman cities of Split and Salona are just half-hour drive from Omis. Islands Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Vis are easily reachable from Omis.

Omis is literally filled with restaurants, wine-cellars and cafe bars. Mediterranean cuisine, with it’s olive oil, fish and sea food, home-grown vegetables, wine, and it’s thousands year tradition will surelly help you experience the true spirit of the Mediterranean. Omis Cultural Summer, Festival of Dalmatian Klapas, Pirates Nights and many other musical, theatrical and gastronomical social events make Omis perfect place to experience not only the beauty of Dalmatia, but also beauty of it’s soul.
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