Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an amazing adventure filled with adrenaline


Rock climbing is an amazing adventure filled with adrenaline, perfect for everybody where cooperating with your instructor you can climb up to 30m of height and expect a beautiful view on the city Omiš, the Adriatic Sea and the canyon of Cetina. All you need for this fabulous trip is an appropriate sportswear outfit and, of course, an adventuress spirit.


A variety of routes gives you an opportunity to feel the true meaning of being a climber and also insures there’s something for everyone. As for safety, our qualified guides along with professional equipment take care of the matter insuring a safe and worry-free experience.

The program starts at the climbing area Planovo where, after being introduced to your instructor and the basics of climbing, you will be supplied with climbing shoes, a harness and a helmet, all necessary for a comfortable and safe climb. We finish after about 3 hours depending on your physical abilities.

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