About us

Plaža Hotels are modernly equipped four-star hotels owned by the company Andro Internacional d.o.o.

Located on one of the most beautiful rivieras on the Adriatic coast with long sandy beaches near at hand, this destination has a rich cultural and natural heritage.

Ever since they opened, Plaža Hotels offer professional service, numerous amenities, cleanliness and attention to details that continue to make a favourable impression on their guests.

Hotel service is focused primarily on guest satisfaction and the quality of their hotel stay.

Anticipating and understanding the guest’s needs with the aim of fulfilling their expectations are of greatest importance to us since we want all the guests of Plaža Hotels to experience a unique vacation on the Adriatic Coast.

Employee education and training are carried out regularly and effectively guarantee the highest standard of service in accordance with the best practices in the hospitality industry.

We have our devoted team to thank for the numerous awards and recognition that Plaža Hotels have acquired so far. The company’s by far most valuable asset is the personnel and its inexhaustible potential to work toward our mission and vision as well as fostering the company values.