GREEN corner

When building the hotel, we had in mind that the only right answer to disappearing resources, a dramatic increase in CO2 emissions and constantly rising energy prices is in conservation, smart and entrepreneurial thinking and acting in harmony with nature.

Aware of the responsibility and environment in which we find ourselves, the installation of a thermal facade system with world environmental certificates, modern technologies for managing smart rooms for energy conservation, special irrigation systems, solar panels are just part of the puzzle of the whole project.

From the selection of ecological water-based paints to electric chargers, below we bring you ours

contribute to better and more sustainable business.



Energy efficiency has been implemented through several phases, in addition to the installation of lighting fixtures that use LED technology and timers for maximum savings, the hotel has made the following steps to reduce CO2 emissions:

PHOTOVOLTAIC (SOLAR) POWER PLANTS – Photovoltaic power plants with a power of 35kW on the building enable direct conversion of solar energy into electricity. The power plant is networked in the system of the entire facility, to enable even distribution and maximum utilization of the produced energy. Excess energy is returned to the grid and purchased by the electricity distributor.

ELECTRIC CHARGER – in accordance with the philosophy and harmonization of our business on energy saving and strengthening sustainable development, we have a charging station for electric cars. A certified electric charger can charge two vehicles simultaneously at 24kW and 32kW per hour.

ALUMINUM JOINERY – we use modern highly thermally insulated sliding and sliding-floor systems and special glasses to reach Uw-values ​​<1.1 W / (m²K), g = 0.35. Our goal is to reduce the temperature losses of the building, i.e., to keep the temperature inside the building regardless of external conditions and factors, thus saving on the consumption of cooling / heating energy. Our hotel had the honor of being the reference facility for the referenced modern technology in 2017.

ELEVATORS – we have installed the best elevators in the class in terms of environmental efficiency. An efficient lifting system with a regenerative effect and no oil is installed. The regenerative drive restores this energy, saving up to 20% of the total energy consumed. We use LED lighting inside the elevator as well as in the whole building. Energy efficient standby operation. The automatic operation of the cabin lights switches off the lights when the cabin is not in use and switches them on again when it is called. The drive power is set to sleep when not in use. Signal displays are dimmed when not in use. The fan in the cabin is switched off when the lift is not in use. Hallway lighting control automatically adjusts the lights on the destination floor.

LIGHTING – all lighting inside the hotel is LED lighting from renowned European manufacturers with a long warranty. We control the lighting with a luxmeter and various sensors to dim it or turn it off in case it is not needed.

FACADE SYSTEM – facade system of a world-renowned company for facade systems, manifests itself as a non-flammable composite system for thermal insulation which from adhesives, through thermal insulation boards of mineral wool to the final coating of mineral origin, meets the requirements of Euro class A2 according to EN 13501-1. Energy savings were reflected in the reduced need for heating and cooling systems, since energy is retained, and the savings go up to 75%.

COLORS – extremely environmentally friendly, and therefore ideal for sensitive areas and especially for allergy sufferers: ecological interior paints are produced exclusively from raw materials that save resources and do not contain preservatives.


Aware of the value of drinking water, we took care of rational consumption in sanitary facilities, more economical change of towels and in the maintenance of outdoor green areas:

IRRIGATION SYSTEM – the irrigation system is based on a water reservoir that is filled with rainwater from the building, which is automatically connected to the pipes towards the green areas of the hotel. The installation of this system enables the dosing of the required amount of water for irrigating green areas, in such a way that any excess water is returned to the water reservoir which prevents unnecessary losses.

SANITARY FACILITIES – faucets and showers with special energy saving devices have been installed in the sanitary facilities. Aerators which, as an energy-efficient additive, save water by reducing the amount of water replaced by air by inserting air into a jet of water flowing through the tap. With these aerators, water savings go up to 50%.

Special cisterns that are limited to 3l and 6l per release, which further saves on water use.

TOWELS – our guests are asked to change towels only when necessary. They are encouraged by the signs in their bathrooms encouraging them not to put clean towels on the floor, but only those that need washing.

SHAMPOOS AND SOAPS – cosmetics used in our hotel are packaged in bottles made from 100% recycled material, all discarded plastic is used to re-make packaging.

Shampoos and soaps are PH neutral without parabens and mineral oils.


  • We save precious drinking water.
  • We save energy in many ways.
  • Our energy comes from renewable sources.
  • We avoid and separate all types of waste.
  • Our employees support our environmental activities.
  • We reduce the use of chemicals.
  • We have a clear environmental policy and commitment.

From 2019 until today, we have reduced the use of plastic by 90%, the goal is to move to completely environmentally friendly ways of packaging, packaging, cups, cups, straws, etc. by 2022.

We thank our partners for their ecological thinking and joint action towards a better tomorrow.